Babatunde Keta umbrella
Babatunde Keta umbrella R 400.00
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Babatunde Ashanti umbrella
Babatunde Ashanti umbrella R 400.00
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Babatunde Bawku umbrella
Babatunde Bawku umbrella R 400.00
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babatunde tamale umbrella
babatunde tamale umbrella R 400.00
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Babatunde Keta 5-panel cap
Babatunde Keta 5-panel cap R 200.00
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Babatunde Ashanti-Chama bucket hat
Babatunde Ashanti-Chama bucket hat R 150.00
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Babatunde Bawku 5-panel cap
Babatunde Bawku 5-panel cap R 200.00 - Sold Out
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Babatunde Bawku-Tamale bucket hat
Babatunde Bawku-Tamale bucket hat R 150.00
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Fratpack - No games video feat RHTC crew
July 04, 2014
We have these friends of ours that go by the name Fratpack. They are brothers that like making good music for people to play outside the norm...
KreativeBeings' new home
June 19, 2014
"We believe in challenging ones imagination, and this is where we begin to do so ...
Tables are boring concept
June 13, 2014
“Let’s take wooden crates and a few of our colourful sponge puzzle mats and rather use that cause tables are boring”, that was the premise of the RHTC stall set up at the Wits 2014 O-Week market...
Return-Create concept at SAY showcase
June 13, 2014

South African Youth showcase (SAY showcase) hosted by Instant Grass consumer collaboration company gave us another opportunity to conceptually tell the RHTC story, we decided to seize the opportunity by RETURNING to our primary inspirations to explain our CREATIONS...


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